Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spring 2010

April was a blur of activity, starting with a two-day trip up to the Big Apple followed by a Handbell Festival in Hampton, Virginia. I continue to conduct an adult handbell group at Vienna Pres, and I am inordinately proud of their accomplishments. I’m not sure if you can imagine the sound of hundreds of festival ringers playing the same piece simultaneously. I will say no more except to state that it is an acquired taste.

I sent a group of rabid tango fans off to Buenos Aires in late April. This was the first time I arranged a group trip to a foreign destination that I did not escort personally. The same number of people made the return trip as those who departed on April 20, so I consider the trek a success.

In late April I began working with an aging neighbor who was once an accomplished violinist before he began losing his hearing. We started working our way through violin sonatas by Mozart and Handel, a weekly activity we continue to this day. By mid summer we felt sufficiently rehearsed to invite a gaggle of neighbors to hear us. David was obviously proud of his improvement and the opportunity to perform again.

In May travel pal Rob and I headed south to Atlanta to visit an exhibit at the High Museum: The Allure of the Automobile. As serious fans of classic cars, we were in our element. Above is a 1933 Pierce Arrow. At the time, we had no idea we'd encounter this same car again in August, after it had been returned to its home in California. Strange, but true.

In mid-June I escorted a group of travelers to Ireland, where we enjoyed the best weather in years, a string of perfect sunny and clear days. These were especially long days, as well, since we were there for the summer solstice. It got dark around 11:00 pm. The Euro was at its lowest point of the year, worth only $1.19 (up to $1.33 at this writing). Were we lucky, or what? Below is Ross Castle located along the Ring of Kerry.

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